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Foods that are bad for dogs

Certain foods that can be dangerous for dogs as they are poisonous, toxic or just have too much of a nutrient that they can’t  properly digest or can be harmful for their organs. Avoid giving your dog the following foods: alcohol, avocado, raisins, grapes, currants, cooked bones, most nuts, too much onion, garlic, leek and dairy; some mushrooms, fatty foods, caffeine, xylitol, chocolate, sugar, yeast dough, baking soda and powder, seeds from plums, peaches and persimmons; human medication.

Foods that are safe and they love are cooked meats, potatoes, carrots, watermelon, cucumber and even apples. You can give your dog peanut butter but not in large amounts and free of Xylitol. It’s great for stuffing Kong toys, same as low fat liver pate and fish potato mash.