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Basic Training

This service is for anyone who would like to improve their dog’s obedience with positive reinforcement. It is an individual training focusing on your and your dog’s needs.

Clicker training is an option for owners with good reaction and dogs that love food. No prior experience is needed.

Dogs can be any age and level of obedience.


One hour is £20
Four hours are £70 (must be paid in advanced)

Puppy Training

To give your puppy the best start into life it is essential to socialise and train your dog at the right time. The window for the sensitive phase is roughly from week 8-14 in which your puppy should be exposed to humans, animals and noises, places and objects in order to not develop any fear. Quality over quantity: it is more important to have positive encounters than to have loads which can be overwhelming for a young dog.

The training sessions will be a mix of socialising, training and showing boundaries. I can teach you how to manage many different situations so you can make sure your puppy becomes confident and obedient.


One hour is £15
Four hours are £50 (must be paid in advanced)

Behavioural Training

If your dog has problems that make your and his life difficult I can help you. You will learn how to read your dog’s body language, how to manage different situations and to train and socialise your dog.

Unsure if any of those are right for you?


One hour is £30
Four hours are £110 (must be paid in advanced)

The recipe to having a happy dog
  • A healthy dog that is pain free. Get your dog checked if there is something unusual. If his behaviour has changed very sudden, there will be most likely a physical cause.
  • Healthy food needs to be provided as well as fresh water. Watch out not to feed your dog any food with additives like E-numbers. It can get them hyper and is unhealthy. Provide them with something to chew and lick, ideally 30 minutes daily.
  • Mental stimulation needs to be provided as that is one way of getting them tired. It can be searching for food or toys and taking them for a walk in a new area. You can teach them new tricks or play with them, but nothing too exciting.
  • Physical stimulation needs to be a daily routine. Every dog needs to walk at least for one hour a day. That does not need to be chasing after a ball or jogging with the owner. It is recommended to provide activities that aren’t very arousing. It is very natural for dogs to walk and sniff around. Give them the chance to investigate. The sense of smell is their primary sense!
  • The chance to socialise. Dogs are social animals, they like to sleep, rest and play with other humans and dogs. Avoid leaving them alone as much as possible. Even if you can’t see the signs for it, they are still stressed being alone! They have learned to be alone as they don’t have the choice.
  • Good sleep is very important for dogs. They sleep 14-16 hours a day in which their body restores internal balance and reduces stress hormones. Dogs prefer to sleep up higher and on soft ground. Give them choices in case it’s too warm or cold for them.