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The Package

This is designed for challenging dogs who may be fearful, reactive or stressed. If dog life is challenging and you don’t know what else to do. I can help you.

You will be getting three training sessions, an information package before the first session and a training summary after the initial session, with any points that aren’t covered already in the information package.
The first consultation will take about 2-3 hours and both follow ups are about 1 hour long.

This package will save you money compared to booking individual sessions, it will help you stay motivated and see any progress made.


The Package is £120.
Any follow ups needed after the package are charged at the discounted rate of £25 per hour.

The Single Session

This training session is for dogs that just need a little bit of help. Problems might include barking at the door, jumping-up on visitors, pulling on the lead, or barking at dogs when too excited, etc. These can all be changed within one session. You just have to stick to the basic rules and keep up any new routines I will teach you.< br > The session will take about 2-3 hours and you get a Training Information Package before the session.


This one session is £75.
Any follow ups are £30 per hour.

Basic Training

This service is for anyone who would like to improve their dog’s obedience with positive reinforcement. It is an individual training to target any issues you have when your dog “just doesn’t listen to you”.
Clicker training is an option for owners with good reactions and dogs that love food. No prior experience is needed.
For dogs older than 1 year and any level of obedience.


One hour is £20.
Four hours are £70

Puppy Training

To give your puppy the best start in life it is essential that they get social and behaviour training at the right time. Between weeks 6-16 your puppy should be exposed to positive interactions with humans, animals, noises, places and objects in order to not develop any future fear.
The training sessions will be a mix of socialising, training and showing boundaries. I will teach you how to manage many different situations to ensure your puppy becomes confident and obedient.


One hour is £20.
Four hours are £70

Please email or call me to discuss which service will be best suited for your dog.
For calls I can be reached best Monday- Fridays 8:30-10:00 am and 3:30-6:00 pm. On Saturdays most days.

About dog training

Dogs communicate differently to humans but have the same basic needs of wanting to feel safe and belonging into a group/family.
Dogs need a guide, guardian and most of all a friend. This is my definition of a pack-leader.
Your dog doesn’t want to be a leader, but if they feel our lack of action and support, they will step up. Dogs will protect you from other people, dogs or any possible threat. In order for them to flourish they need to first feel safe.
Dogs want a guide that helps them through life. It is a human dominated world in which pet dogs can’t fend for themselves, the city can be overwhelming and surroundings can be unpredictable. We need to have them trained and equipped with a choice of behaviours to keep them and others safe.

A strong bond will help your dog to choose to listen to you and have trust in you. Don’t underestimate the strength of a good relationship in which you can communicate easily and understand each other.

For dogs to learn the fastest and best way, you will need the right mixture of positive reinforcement and force free punishment.
Positive reinforcement has the benefits of your dog not being afraid of you and wanting to show the desired behaviour more often. Using pain, force and fear as punishment, only has a negative effect on your relationship and therefore on your dog’s trust and obedience.
The type of punishment I use is very mild and rather natural. For example, not going out the door when pulling on the lead, not getting the food when being impatient or not getting attention when being vocal. Using both, punishment and reward, paint a clearer picture for dogs to understand what is acceptable and what is not. Hence, they will learn faster.

Additionally, clear communication, consequences and the ability to read body language is necessary for the best results.

For all services I teach some basic rules that will help your dog to see you as the pack-leader. A calm, trustworthy pack member that will ensure the group is safe and allows your dog to follow and relax.
Additionally to that you will get my Happy Hound checklist which points out what dogs need to be healthy and happy.