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A better understanding leads to a better relationship

A better understanding leads to a better relationship

Welcome to Understanding Dogs


Group walks to exercise, socialise and stimulate your dog when you are busy. Professional care with knowledge and love.


Customized individual training to suit your and your dog’s needs with non-aggressive techniques. Learn to understand your dog better.


Learn more about dogs, their body language and their needs. What is appropriate behaviour and how can you stop unwanted behaviour.

I can show you how to train your dog, understand him and motivate you.
I will help you see any progress you made, no matter how small.
I want to help you enjoy life with your dog together.
Your dog needs you to help him, I can help you!

" Kai is particularly wonderful with puppies, taking the time to do a little training with them during their visits with her (she created a training plan for my puppy). She is thoughtful about how the dogs will get on with each other, that they play and rest appropriately. Kai is practical, conscientious and caring and it’s evident she really loves dogs. My puppy adores her and I'm eternally grateful for the ways she makes life easier for me by picking up and dropping off my puppy and taking care of her when I'm detained. She's a gem. "

-- Rosie with Skye – 2014

" Kai is absolutely brilliant. She loves dogs, is dedicated to her clients and her vast knowledge about canine care is evident. She gave us some wonderful advice about some of the different issues we were facing with our young American Akita GSD cross (dominance issues, bad recall, pulling on a lead), that is now beautifully paying off! She is also the only person in the whole of the Edinburgh we trust to care for our big boy while we are away. Thank you, Kai! "

-- Justine and Lukas with Loki – 2015

" We have been lucky enough to have Kai as our dog walker since we got our whippet puppy, Iggy. She has been brilliant with him and it is lovely to see the bond they have. Kai is totally reliable, flexible and trustworthy. She adores dogs and it is clear to see that she does her job out of passion rather than just a way to make money. Kai has also looked after Iggy when we were on holiday and we knew that he would be getting the love and spoiling he so deserves and is used to. We now have a 6 month old pup that is so well behaved and happy and Kai has been a big part of that. "

-- Nicola and Dave with Iggy – 2012

" Pancho is a Jack Russell with a temper and I had difficulties finding a dog walker I could trust to have the right understanding of the situation. I have left Pancho with Kai for up to 2 weeks in a row at times, and everything went perfectly well. No issues with other dogs and Pancho simply loves her. While away, Kai was sending emails and text messages with photos and long descriptions of Pancho's activities on a daily basis. I was feeling very relaxed while being away, which is exactly what I needed. I'd strongly recommend to trust Kai and have your dog loved and treated as you would do. "

-- Paolo with Pancho – 2014

" Kai has looked after my Yorkshire Terrier, Darcey, for over two years. Darcey has three complex, long term health conditions and has to take a range of medications. Consequently she is a very anxious dog and suffers from behavioural challenges. I wondered if I would find anyone who would be able to take Darcey on! Kai has been a fantastic find and I trust her implicitly with Darcey’s care. She is professional, extremely trustworthy, caring and loves each and every dog she looks after. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. "

-- Jo with Darcey – 2016

" Kai Liebold is a friendly and helpful young woman who has a good understanding of dogs. She gives excellent practical advice specific to your own dog, and she readily demonstrates how this advice works with your dog. Often, in our walks together, Kai has given me lots of useful tips on our dog’s behaviour. Kai has been a big help to us with our dog. "

-- Elisa with Zac – 2012