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My name is Kai Liebold and I grew up in Berlin, surrounded by many different pets, including an Old English Sheepdog. After he passed away I tried filling the gap by looking after friend’s dogs. After having worked with horses for one summer and having spent time on my uncle’s farm I made the decision to work with dogs.

I have started walking and boarding dogs in December 2011, whilst studying dog psychology and behaviour with the Swiss University ATN. Having successfully completed this course in November 2013 I have learned about dog development, fear, stress, training techniques, hunting, playing and much more. I am also qualified in first aid for dogs.

I have rescued my beloved dog Zoe from the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. She is a gorgeous Greyhound and Staffordshire Bullterrier cross who had a rough start in life. Zoe has been mistreated as a puppy and then lived with a homeless person until she was three years old. She was very dominant towards other dogs and needed a lot of training. Now Zoe loves her daily routine of group walks as she gets socialised and exercised. We are still working on her chasing skatebaords. Zoe is very fast and even brought home a trophy from an agility competition with Fast and Furious in 2015. We have had many adventures together so far with many more to look forward to.

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure to walk and train some very special dogs. I learned that every relationship between owner and dog is unique. That is one of the reasons why I like to take my time exploring that bond in order to give advice that is right. What works for one dog may not work for another dog.

My philosophy is simple: A better understanding leads to a better relationship between owner and dog. I am committed to a non-aggressive training approach, individually targeted to your dog and taking into consideration factors such as breed, age and background.

December 2011: started dog walking and boarding

January 2013: re-homed a rescued dog

June 2013: dog first aid training

November 2013: Qualification in dog psychology and behaviour with ATN

March 2016: participation in “Calming The Reactive Dog” seminar by Amber Batson

February 2017: volunteering with training and advice for Staffie Smiles Rescue