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My Name is Kai Liebold and I love dogs. That’s why I studied dog psychology for three years, so I could understand them better and then help other people to have better relationships with their dogs too.

I am originally from Berlin, but I have been based in Edinburgh since 2007. In that timeI have expanded my knowledge through study and experience, on a wide range of dog issues from dog development, fear, stress and training techniques, to hunting, playing and much more.

Every relationship between a dog and owner is unique. I believe that understanding each individual bond is the key to providing the right training and advice for each owner, because what works for one dog may not work for the next one.

My philosophy is simple: Teach people to better understand their dog. Because better understanding leads to a better relationship. I am committed to a force-free training approach, individually customised for your dog and considering factors like breed, age and background.

December 2011: I started my dog walking business

January 2013: I rehomed my dog Zoe

June 2013: Attended a dog first aid training

November 2013: Qualified in dog psychology and behaviour with ATN

March 2016: Participated in “Calming The Reactive Dog” seminar by Amber Batson

February 2017: Volunteered with training and advice for Staffie Smiles Rescue

September 2017: Participated in “BAT -Behavioural Adjustment Training” seminar by Grisha Stewart

2019: Started the online course Sirius with Ian Dunbar