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There is one group walk daily, available from Monday to Friday. The walk is usually from 12-1pm plus the time for pick up's and drop off's. Depending on which day of the week and who gets walked, your dog will be walked at Blackford Hill/Hermitage, Corstorphine Hill or Cramond Beach. The pick-up areas are Meadowbank, Leith, New Town, Stockbridge and either Corstorphine or the Grange. The groups have usually six dogs and get walked off lead with permission of owners and in safe areas only. The dogs need to be friendly, sociable and have a decent recall. The first walk is a free of charge test walk to see if your dog and the pack get along.

I have public liability insurance, I am registered with the Edinburgh Council, I am police checked, I have completed a dog first aid training and have studied dog psychology and behaviour. Your dog will be in save hands and have a wonderful time exercising and socialising.

The dogs get dropped off towel dried and fresh water will be supplied.


£12 per walk , £11 each, for three walks and more per week.
£15 for individual and weekend walks. (subject to availability)
£18 for day-care (subject to availability)

WHY should I have my dog walked in a group?

Dogs are social animals and in order to behave correctly and be happy they need to be around other dogs and humans throughout their lives. It is not only important to socialise them when they are puppies but also when they are grown up. That prevents behavioural problems, they practise their communication skills and it stimulates them mentally.

HOW much exercise can I give my dog?

Any healthy grown up dog should exercise 1-3 hours daily. The breed and age will determine how much exactly. For most dogs a one hour walk daily with several pee breaks during the day is good, but if you have a dog with a lot of energy you should give him another big walk before or after work. He does not need to run the entire time. Promote calm movements, on lead walks with plenty of time to sniff is very good.

WHAT ways are there to stimulate my dog?

On walks you can hide treats in long grass or let your dog balance on fallen trees. You could also walk with another dog owner. Dogs benefit from physical and mental stimulation outside and indoors. It is recommended to provide calm activities rather than arousing ones as that keeps your dog calmer and more controllable.